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  • The «Greece – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border programme 2007-2013» is a cross-border cooperation Programme co-financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA). The Programme focuses on promoting sustainable economic and social development in the border areas and assisting co-operation for addressing common challenges in fields such as the environment, natural and cultural heritage and public health. The Global Objective of the Programme is “to enhance convergence in the programme area by promoting sustainable local development”. The total budget of the Programme for the period 2007-2013 is 31.549.722,00 €.
  • The overall objective is to improve the business environment and to increase joint initiatives for economic cooperation in Cross Border region.
  • The project aims towards establishment of friendly business environment through: joint initiatives for the promotion of entrepreneurial collaboration, establishment of joint IT educational services for entrepreneurs, introduction of new communication technologies, and support of SMEs through Incubator Department and e-learning classroom.
  • The established Business Incubator will support the development of entrepreneurial ideas and their commercialization through creation of SMEs. The SMEs will contribute to the sustainable development in Cross Border region in support of the wider European cooperation and integration efforts, providing economic benefit for enterprises through creating more jobs, higher tax payments, and higher wages.
  • The Incubator Department will provide services to companies, individuals and new cooperative businesses of young unemployed who are trying to start up, as well to legal entities interested in transforming innovative ideas into new technology, products and services.
  • Strengthening of SME’s competitiveness through Establishment of Incubator Department in Serres and system of e-classes
  • Introducing new communication technologies and providing joint ICT services in the area of e-learning
  • stimulating the cooperation and networking of the companies within CB region, as well the links with similar companies in the Europe
  • To promote CB business partnerships and networking through creation of Joint Web-based Business site
  • To promote CB business partnerships and networking through creation of Joint Web-based Business site, organization of Business meetings and forums
  • To promote the cross-border region
Expected Results
  • Dissemination impact and Increased visibility of the project's outputs and results.
  • Increased cross border exchange of knowledge through shared experience, common knowledge resources and cross fertilised practices on doing business of SME's in CB Region.
  • Informed entrepreneurs and improved business environment in cross border region based on new collaboration and experience exchange platforms (CB business network is created).
  • Improved SME's capabilities for doing business.
  • Improved business environment for SMEs particularly for creative industries through providing supporting services.
  • Enabled business start-up for the young unemployees.
  • Improved direct support to SMEs and established connections between science and the economy through upgraded LLC.
  • Transfer of "know-how" through organized project events.
  • Working space with the possibility to meet the needs of the companies for their future development which will contribute to the revitalization of the CB region.
  • Administrative and business support to the users/SMEs located in Business Incubator Department.
  • High-level business advice for new and start-up businesses.
  • Established Incubator Department, e-learnig classrooms and programmes for e-learning.
  • Approach: PARK applies an overall approach and methodology scheme that: a) serves the project's objectives and effective management b) reflects the competences of the partnership c) takes into consideration the challenges and specificities of the cross border programme area and d) is in compliance with the guidelines and requirements of the Cross Border Programme.
  • Park is structured around 4 WPs both project specific and foreseen by the CB programme. Each WP corresponds to grouped tasks with distinctive character and purpose. WPs are divided into tasks that are linked to specific output and results.
  • WP1 will assure the efficient and timely execution of the activities of WPs 2, 3, 4, through continuous monitoring, project meetings, progress assessment reports and remedial actions if deemed necessary.
  • WP2 is specifically planned to meet the objective of establishing communication channels and disseminating the project's outputs/results, through a defined communication strategy and events in WP2 as well as through the outputs developed in WP 3,4 In order to increase CBC and gaining positive experiences, study tours to both countries, visitng tech. parks & SMEs.
  • WP3 will provide an adequate working space and equipment with the possibility to meet the needs of the companies for their future development. WP3 includes a series of tasks, tendering, and supervision that specifically aim to upgrading of LLC with establishment of Incubator Department, as well it will be equipped the e-classroom and provided necessary software.
  • WP4 consists of actions and activities for improving CB cooperation through exchange of knowledge through shared experience, common knowledge resources and cross fertilized practices on doing business of SME's. In order to increase CBC and gaining positive experiences, study tours to both countries, visitng tech. parks & SMEs.
  • Coherence: Both partners will ensure the effective implementation of all tasks foreseen in each WP. WP2 relate to the promotion & valorisation of the core outputs and results of other WPs. Budget has been defined based on tasks as the main "effort investment units "around which WPs are built. Staff rates, available resources, outsourcing, travel and event organizing costs have been also taken into consideration.
Partner Roles
  • The project's rationale, methodological approach and foreseen activities reflect the added value of its cross border character. Both partners will have an active involvement in most of the project's activities, supplementing tasks or contributing to outputs based on their competence field, institutional framework and location. Emphasis is given on reconstruction of existing training facility and establishment of Incubator Department in Serres and strengthening capacity of SMEs in the CB region. The OLP with the support of FLP2 will take full responsibility in the actions of networking the SMEs in the CB region, as well establishment of the links with the education institutions and SMEs included in the project activities.
  • The LLC Serres, has the responsibility for the implementation and management of the project as described in the approved application form . CDSEPR will facilitate the project communication channels and setting up the online communication. The President of project management team will be responsible for coordination, monitoring and planning of the technical aspects of all foreseen tasks and activities, which will be based on input and ongoing feedback from both partners. The LLC Serres has the responsibility of tendering, awarding and supervising the works and supply of equipment, by following the national and EU legislation.
  • LP1 LLC Serres has responsibility for technical coordination of project, especially in the process of establishing the Incubator Department and preparation of appropriate e-learning programmes, carrying planned training for the SMEs and unemployeed youth, organization of study tours, as well the organization of activities in the WP4, WP3 .Also LP1 will have a significant involvement in monitoring all technical aspects and issues and providing expert feedback and both partners will be responsible for organizing forum and round table and designing and printing of project promotional materials for events.